One of our goals is to provide parents, teachers and schools the necessary and interactive tools and information on the importance of values which are key to children’s education and their development.

The two training courses that we offer can be easily customized to particular school needs and environment. We provide activities, information and projects that will help school personnel grow together as an educational community. 

Our two offered courses show educators, parents and educational stakeholders the importance of teaching values in Education and gives them the necessary tools to develop each program. We would love to work with your school and help you grow together as a community by developing content for all stakeholders that seek to take a leading role in the educational journey of their children!



The Mindful teachers workshop is a fun and experiential training for educators preparing them to teach age-appropriate mindfulness practices, games, activities and skills based on socio-emotional learning. These methods and strategies teach children to pay attention, strengthen focus, have self-control, model good behavior, cultivate tolerance, show compassion and empathy for themselves and others. Learn how to bring daily mindful awareness to your classroom and other settings with a dynamic workshop.



The values and school environment workshop is an essential course that brings the school community together for a successful school year for all. Understanding the school culture, environment and importance of putting into practice values into the educational setting will improve teaching and learning and will make the students, parents and teacher’s experience more meaningful and dynamic.