Pixie Dreams is an education company that practices an integral concept of values in education through different resources tailored for schools, teachers and parents. Our company started with our Instagram account @pixiedreams.inc and now offers a Values Program that includes a Curriculum for schools, a children’s book and the ABC Values flashcards designed to teach values and transform communities to make a better world. The program is beneficial for children because it combines and seeks an integral approach to learning at school, home and the community making learning more effective and meaningful.

By focusing on socio-emotional development and learning values, we are teaching our children the ability to establish positive, healthy and strong relationships with those around them. It is important for children to be able to feel confident, secure and to learn to trust, have empathy and positive experiences from their environment. These aspects will help them become stronger, loving human beings with great ability to learn and grow. All of these are fundamental aspects of becoming successful adults and contributing members of society and as parents and teachers it is our responsibility to help develop these socio-emotional abilities to their maximum capacity.

Pixie Dreams aims to teach children how to have
a strong mind and a good heart through the Pixies Values Program which was created for parents and educators who believe that values are an intrinsic part of the educational journey of their children.

Join the Pixie Values Program to create a better world by raising happy, strong and determined children.


Isabela Morales

Isabela Morales


Isabela is a passionate educator constantly looking for ways to make a positive impact in her surroundings and wherever she goes. She grew up in Venezuela where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Education with a major in Early Childhood Education at Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. She worked with many schools both  in the private and public sector and loved every experience because of the amazing lessons each of her students taught her along the way. She then decided that she wanted to continue to learn and most importantly make a big difference and impact the lives of others. She soon obtained her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Public Policy at Fordham University in New York City. She worked with those less fortunate and learned how to lead and build a sense of community in schools and educational settings. She conducted many workshops to parents and teachers in different schools and underprivileged communities providing them with support and guidance, which gave her a closer look at the struggles and demands educators and parents face on a daily basis.

She later worked as a school coordinator here in Miami, FL for two years providing support to parents, teachers and students as an educational leader. During this time she monitored overall school operations and budget and supervised compliance with state programs developing yearly improvement plans for the school. Creating schedules, planning workshops, training and evaluating staff and organizing fundraising events were some of the tasks she undertook.

She recently became a mom which has given her a wider view and a more integral approach at educating, teaching and learning. Like any other mother, she wants her children to grow up with values and to have a good heart, that is why she is committed to continue grow and help parents and teachers raise happy kids.  Pixie Dreams is a project that inspires her letting her focus on helping the community around her by serving as an educational advocate. Isabela’s dream is to implement The Pixie Values Program very soon in her beloved Venezuela.

Corina Bethencourt

Corina Bethencourt


Corina is a passionate mother, teacher and entrepreneur. She considers herself a teacher in constant evolution. From an early age, she has found her essence in “teaching.” She feels most confident when she teaches and interacts with students and reminds herself daily of the overreaching objective to serve as an educational leader in the overall success of children.

She completed her studies in Florida International University (FIU) and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a double major in Management and Entrepreneurship. She also completed her Master’s Degree in Global Education at (FIU). During this time she taught in various grade levels and disciplines in many international and local public schools. She quickly found her niche as an English Language Learner (ELL) teacher and completed a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) Certification at University of Miami (UM) and later became a FTCE K-6 certified teacher in the state of Florida. In the early part of her career she taught students in pre-school, art and elementary. Her last year as a teacher, she taught immigrant students who were adapting culturally and academically to a new education system.

During her most recent years, she has worked as a community liaison and aide to the School Board Chair of Miami-Dade County Public Schools focusing on the politics and leadership of urban education. With only six years of experience working in the fourth largest school district in the nation, she seizes the opportunities to improve education through policy making. Taking her experiences from the classroom into the district and local government, she successfully assisted in the preparation of agenda policy items that expanded a powerful Digital Citizenship Awareness Campaign. Her role at the school board exposes her to the available resources necessary to educate all students, parents, and guardians and better prepare our children to successfully meet the unique challenges and opportunities facing them as global citizens in the 21st Century.

Today, she is ready to take her experiences as both a mother and educator and share them with the rest of the world through her growing project, Pixie Dreams.

“Going back to basics by educating the mind and heart of our young ones with LOVE”


The Pixie Values Program’s mission is to recover and develop the core values that are the base of any society, so that all communities can live in better conditions while teaching their children and all those who surround them the importance of becoming better human beings. We want to transform communities little by little by maintaining focus on the social impact values can have.


The Pixie Values Program seeks to create a community of schools that implement our curriculum, reaching each child’s home and their local community. Our goal is to become a county wide program and provide results of the positive social impact this project entails in less than five years. Ultimately, we aim to become a statewide program where we can develop customizable projects for each county and state according to their community strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.