The Pixie Values Program is an educational model and framework to teach values; which includes a toolkit with a hands-on comprehensive curriculum, a children’s book based on values and the ABC Values flashcards.

The Pixie Values Program is an integral concept of values in Education through different resources tailored for schools, teachers and parents. At Pixie Dreams we give special value to a child’s socio-emotional development. Socio- Emotional development is important and essential in children’s growth because it is directly related to how successful children will be later in life emotionally, academically and socially. Strong socio-emotional skills help children to be determined, to persist in harder tasks, to develop problem solving abilities and most importantly, it helps them become aware and be thoughtful of their actions. By focusing on socio-emotional development, teachers and parents are teaching their children the ability to establish positive, healthy and strong relationships with those around them.

We focus on values and the important role they play on the social growth of children because it is with good values that children become stronger and more determined to be successful people.

The Pixie Values Program’s mission is to recover and develop the core values that are the base of any society, so that all communities can live in better conditions while teaching their children and all those who surround them the importance of becoming better human beings. We want to transform communities little by little by maintaining focus on the social impact values can have.

“Going back to basics by educating the mind and heart of our young ones with LOVE”



The Pixie Values Program Curriculum is a hands on comprehensive guide for schools. It offers activities and an important content based program on values and character education with objectives, expected learning experiences and development components for the school year. The curriculum is geared for preschool and early elementary grade levels because this age range is the specific time in which children begin to understand more in-depth the importance of building their character and becoming contributing members of society. Through this curriculum teachers can adapt the different activities that promote values to their daily routines and monthly planning.


Once Upon a Wish is a magical and kind story about wishes and the value of kindness. This book will give real value to children’s learning experiences by showing the main characters Moe and Mrs. Bee going on an adventure of a lifetime to understand the magic of wishes and the importance of being kind.  This is a story your little one’s will love, treasure and most importantly learn from. It was created with love from the heart and soul to touch the lives of those who read it.


The ABC Values Flashcard Pack features unique animals that begin with each letter of the alphabet, and a value that matches with each letter and animal. These flashcards are an amazing tool for both teachers and parents to teach values in a fun and interactive way by showing the animals with unique characteristics. This set of flashcards are different from your ordinary flashcards because they ask important questions for children to think about and reflect upon as they are learning each value. The illustrations are whimsical and take your child into a magical world of values.